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Paws, Prayers 'n People

"Tending to the Spirits of Animals One Human At a Time."


For those who are local, I will see you again this year under the Arbor where I will be Blessing the Animals at Help Willys Friends 5th Annual Pet Fair, this Sunday, May 19, 2013.  

This event was a warm and moving experience for everyone involved, especially for myself, and I trust the energy soothed the souls of the foals as well. Am hoping to share pictures and videos when they become available ... and as soon as I can figure out how to get them off my phone!!!

Stay tuned!  

I will be there on Sunday with Susan, the Music Director at CTCSL, where we will be honoring these loving creatures now saved from the dark secrets of the race horse industry through a Celebration of Prayer and song for these sweet little foals and those who have come and helped release them from a life of complete abandonment and death to one of fostering and forever homes.

Thank you, Anna Twinney, Frank Weller and Bonnie at Ray of Light Farm for making this possible.

Please join us at our next event!

Can the Ray of Light Farm Community Step Up to Help Anna Twinney's Rescue Efforts?

Anna Twinney has bravely stood as a voice for the undervalued lives of young horses destined for slaughter: For years she has worked tirelessly in pursuit of giving the chance of life to Premarin foals, and now is speaking out for nurse mares and foals as well. She will return to Ray of Light this month to host a 6-day Reach Out to Horses (ROTH) Foals in Training Course, where she will educate participants in the proper handling of these rescued foals.

Space for full participation is sold out, but space for auditors is still available for $300. Please call us at (860) 873-1895 to register.

Spectators are invited to attend the graduation day on April 28 for free.

You can also help Anna save the lives of nurse mares and the nurse foals torn from their mothers by attending a Dinner to Benefit Nurse Mare Foals at Le Chateau Restaurant, S. Salem, NY on April 26, 7pm.


"This is your opportunity to literally save a life. To save a foal from a certain and cruel death.

Click on the Add to Cart button below and give what you can and together we can rescue these beautiful, tender beings who deserve a chance to live."

Spectators are invited to attend the graduation day on April 28 for free.